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In 1919, the property for the current sale barn was acquired by the City of Perry, Oklahoma. The property was leased out for the purpose of constructing an oil refinery that was never built, and the property reverted back to the City. It was later deeded to the Noble County Fair Association, who held ownership for many years.

Built sometime in the 1920’s, part of the current sale barn may have been the grandstands for a racetrack that used to be located on the Noble County Fairgrounds. The grandstand was enclosed and converted to the sale barn. Remnants of the race track are still visible in some of the cattle pens.

At some point, a business known as Perry Auction Sale came into being. The business and property traded hands several times over the next few decades. In 1967, Clark and Frieda Field incorporated the business, which became know as Perry Livestock Exchange, Inc.  The business traded hands several more times until 2005.  From 2005 to 2010, Terry & Judy Leonard owned and operated Perry Livestock Sales, Inc.  In 2010 Gary and Amy Hafner purchased the operation.  In 2015, Travis Perrin purchased the sale barn which is now known as Noble County Livestock, LLC